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From The Principal's Desk


The light of knowledge leads us from the illusion of ignorance to the brilliance of reality, constantly moving us from what is known to the unknown, providing us with creative ideas every moment.

In the enabling environment of Army Public School, Dinjan students develop a thrust for knowledge. They increase the capacity for critical thinking and logical reasoning. They learn to respect human values needed for mutual coexistence with harmony.

We have our dedicated team of faculty well versed and equipped with the latest educational technologies of pedagogical development. They strive for imparting education to young students to observe the desired learning outcome as per the latest syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education. They create an engaging learning environment providing abandoned opportunities that stimulate, extend and deepen their learning, thus nurturing them to unleash their inner potential. 

The School promotes discipline in life, helping them develop into worthy Indian citizens.


Jai Hind !


Rajeeva Nayan Pathak