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Our Teachers




Name                                     :             Mr Kamala Kanta Kumar (TGT Science)

Date of birth                           :            18th March 1975

Date of joining                       :            07th August 2010

Educational qualification       :           M.Sc. in Life Sciences, BEd & CSB Qualified. 

Teaching Experience              :           19 years.


Education is the backbone of a Nation, it is the medium and exercise to generate a human resource for the country. The education which is taught in the schools today is the modern one. Modern education teaches about the skills required today that is the skills of science and technology. In addition to listening, modern education includes writing, visualizing, imagining and thinking skills. I think we must teach our learners about rights, some common laws and some basics of financial management also. Character building of the learners must be given the highest priority in the changing education system.

My hobby is listening to music and reading.

I opted for the teaching profession as I believe the profession of teaching is a noble job and it is only education which makes all positive aspirations possible. I like to give a message to the learners that Patience and Sacrifice are such words in the dictionary which when understood and inculcated within brings success, victory and prosperity.




Name                                      :     Mrs Mainu Kalita Das

Date of birth                            :    20 / 12/ 1978

Date of joining                        :    29 /09/ 2005

Educational Qualification       :     M.A(History),B.Ed.,PGDCA, CSB,TET

Teaching experience               :   5 years in APS Dinjan


Teaching is not just a profession, it is a mission. A teacher helps in building the personality of a student to equip a child to face the challenges of a competitive world. I get satisfaction in watching a child discover new learning. It is necessary to inculcate the qualities of self –discipline, courage, kindness, punctuality etc. in student to cope up with their challenging future. The relationship between teacher and a student is one of the most influencing factors in a learning environment that help a child to promote success in life.



Name                                       :   Mrs. Dipika Purty Wood                                                                   

Date of birth                            :  21st October 1988

Date of Joining                       :  6th April 2018

Education qualification          : M.Sc. in Biotechnology, B.Ed., PGDCA, CSB.

Teaching Experience: 5 years


I am a PRT teacher in Army Public School Dinjan. I love reading books. Teaching is the only profession where each day we get the opportunity to learn new things. I chose to teach because being with children is like being endowed with perpetual youth. The love, laughter, mischief, creativity and imagination of children are like an eternal fountain of joy and vitality. The relationship between student and teacher plays a large role in the trajectory of a child’s academic success and social development. Establishing a positive relationship with the teacher helps a student feel more comfortable and safe in their classroom environments. Every student is unique and has a special talent, look for it. Talent cannot be hidden nor can it be dominated. Trust in your abilities and capabilities, you will excel in any field. If you have the courage and strong determination then you can overcome anything and everything in life. Believe in yourself and the world is yours.



Name                                  : Miss Sushmita Chowdhury

Date of birth                       : 07 Feb 1989

Date of joining                      : 01 April 2018

Educational Qualification  : B.Tech, B.Ed, CTET, CSB

Teaching Experience         : 8 years



“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence”. 

So with this beautiful quote, I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am Miss Sushmita and for me being a teacher is about enriching new ideas, helping young minds in achieving their dreams and the best part is here every day is a new learning experience. Besides teaching I also love to read novels of different genres, sometimes in my leisure time I love to do knitting and I am always open to learn new things. I believe every child portrays the image of his/ her family and their school, so as a teacher I always hope that they should be respectful towards others, be a great dreamer, a hardworking person and should have all good qualities that can help them in becoming a good human, successful and skilful in their fields and a responsible citizen of our country. I always believe that the teacher and a student relationship is so unique, we are sometimes friends, sometimes their guides and sometimes the motivator and I perhaps think that a student dreams about his/ her future and the teacher helps and encourage them to work towards fulfilling those dreams.


Name                                        : Mr Roshan Lal Sahani

Date of Birth                            : 19 May 1975

Date of Joining                        : 03 April 2003

Educational Qualification      : MA (English), PGDCA, DISM

Teaching Experience               : 20 Years


Hobbies: Organizing events, Playing Games and Athletics, Gardening, playing with gadgets and work with computers.

I opted to teach to keep myself in touch with the education system,

contribution to our community in a meaningful way, share my learning experience with the students and finally becoming a teacher gives a chance to take part in shaping the next generation.

According to me, good qualities to be inculcated within students are positive attitude with power thinking, should have the quality to face the new world, should be tech-savvy, and also have some behavioural ethics such as punctuality, responsible, honest, polite, positive attitude, respect for humanity and truthful.

The relation between a student and a teacher should be positive. The positive teacher-student interaction can be defined by shared acceptance, understanding, intimacy, trust, respect, care and cooperation. The positive relation helps the teacher to act as a mentor to channelize, filter and adapt the information to a child’s level of understanding.


Name                                    : Mrs Pinki Sahani

Date of Birth                        : 25 Jan 1982

Date of Joining                    : 01 April 2008

Educational Qualification  : MA (Hindi), B Ed, NTT, CSB, CTET

Teaching Experience           : 13 Years

Hobbies : Reading books, Cooking, Gardening


I opted to teach because of Love for children, keeping touch with the education system, contribution to our community in a meaningful way.

According to me good qualities to be inculcated within students such as punctuality, honesty, politeness, positive attitude, respect for humanity, truthfulness, fairness, and responsibility.

In my view, the relation between a student and a teacher should be a professional one. A teacher's job is to make sure that the students can learn and make progress in the field in which the teacher teaches. Sometimes a teacher should be friendly also with students so that they can share their feelings and ask questions without any hesitation, and this helps teachers to assist students with motivation and goal settings and students can turn to them for advice and guidance.


Name       : Miss Akangsha Singh                                                           

D.O.B       :17.12.1993

Date of joining                      : 10.08.2019

Educational qualification        : M.COM, D.ELD

Teaching experience              :3 years

Hobbies: Travelling, Reading books, Art& craft, cooking



I am Akangsha Singh and I had joined the institute on 23.10.2018. I always love being in the company of my students. I have always been a very active and enthusiastic participant in every event. I wish to pass on the values and knowledge that I have gained from my teachers. Teachers and their students have a special relationship with. What they do affects each other and bring out the desired behavioural change in the academic success and social development of a child.

I want my students to be good human beings, who are disciplined, socially responsible citizens and use their knowledge for the betterment of society and the nation.




Name of the Teacher         :  Mrs Meenakshi Shyam Gogoi.

Date of Birth                       :  23rd June 1978

Date of joining A                :  2nd April 2013.

Educational Qualification   :  M.A in English, MA in Psychology, B.Ed, Dip. In Social & Labour Welfare Management,CTET& CSB

Teaching Experience           : 10 yrs

                                             Hobby                                 :   My hobby is Gardening, Reading and Painting,


Why I opted teaching as my profession: Teaching is the most rewarding profession, rather it is not a profession it is a mission and a passion. One of the most valued aspects of teaching is the ability to make a difference in student’s life 

Qualities I want students to inculcate within: I want students should inculcate the habit of punctuality and discipline among themselves and at the same time, it is important to help the children to grow their emotional and intellectual intelligence also.

Student-Teacher relationship: (1) Consistent communication: Positive teacher-student relationship promote a sense of school belonging and encourage students to participate cooperatively. Students develop confidence and perform better in an effective learning environment.

(2) An emotionally safe learning space, creating a congenial environment where different opinions are equally respected.

(3) Mutual respect, trust and feedback is the foundation of any lasting relationship.

(4)True equity: Disparity in learning is a barrier to academic performance. Creating favourites and focusing on those individuals can create resentment among others who feel marginalised and left out.


Apart from the teacher-student relationship, parents also play a pivotal role in creating a happy environment. This partnership consists of three “Cs”:

  1. Communication: Frequent and two-way communication is important 

  2. Consistency: It should be a regular basis in a certain period of time.

  3. Collaboration: Teacher-student and parents should have a collaborated mutual understanding and partnership to create an effective environment in the teaching-learning process


IMG_20200820_162322.jpgName                                      : MR SIB SEKHAR MONDAL 

Date of Birth                          :  01/06/77

Date of joining APS, Dinjan  :  20 th Sept., 2019

Educational Qualifications     : M. A(Eng), B. Ed. 

Teaching Experience              : 16 years


My hobbies are reading,  playing,  cycling  etc. I opted for teaching profession because of my fondness of children and zeal to learn. I feel I am a facilitator or instructor rather than just a teacher,  whose function is to guide the child discover himself / herself. 

My approach is to make them instrumental and empower every child to develop the right ability towards the subject I am responsible for. I believe that instilling moral values amongst the children is as important as academics. 

Teacher -- student relationship is the most powerful,  pure and genuine. It cannot be erased away even when one grows old.  The bond lasts a lifetime. 




Name                                    :           Mrs Priyanka Singh

Date of Birth                         :           25/02/1992

Date of joining                      :           6/01/2020

Educational Qualification     :           M.Sc (Maths),B.Ed,CTET, CSB

Teaching Experience- 3 years of teaching experience as TGT Mathematics.

 I am confident, dedicated and easy going person.Teaching is passion for me. I had started teaching since the time I myself was a student which helped me to know that teaching is something that I enjoy and hence I have chosen Teaching as profession .

Apart from this I like to play badminton and listen to good music.

 Students should learn creative things,they should enculcate moral values withing them, they should learn to be a happy human being. 

 A Teacher-student relationship is similar to the relationship between lapidary and a gem.

A lapidary carves a gem whereas a teacher carves a student,and make them WORTHY  enough!!!

A teacher makes a student to connect with life.


                                    Name                                        :           Mr Prodip Gogoi

prodip photo main.jpg

Designation                                         :           Librarian

Date of Birth                                       :           24/03/1989

Date of joining                                    :           1/08/2019

Educational Qualification                  :           B.A. , BLISc

                                       Experience                           :           3 years

My hobbies are reading books, painting, listening songs,travelling etc.As reading books is one of my hobby, I got interested to visit college libraries, university libraries,public libraries etc. As such I got an interest to serve the society through providing books to read and helping them to search for reliable information and do research. I opted this career as a Librarian to teach students and users how to search information in a better way to get maximum utility. In this age of modern technology, students should read more and more good books to make themselves knowledgeable. They should create in themselves good reading habits so that it can be of great help in building their career as well as to become a good human being.




                            Name : Mr Munish Chandra Mishra
                            Date of Appointment : 18/08/2006
                            Date of Birth              :  15/01/1975 
                            Designation                : TGT (Hindi)
                            Qualification             : MA (Hindi), BEd, CTET, CSB
                            Experience                 : 15 Years
                            Qualification              :  M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed. CTET, CSB


समाज निर्माण में एक शिक्षक की भूमिका अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण होती है।एक अध्यापक के रूप में मैं अपने विद्यार्थियों के सर्वांगीण विकास के लिए कृत संकल्प हूँ। मेरी कोशिश रहती है कि विद्यार्थियों के मन में उठने वाले प्रश्नों का सार्थक तथा सटीक उत्तर उदाहरण के साथ प्रस्तुत करूँ, जिससे उन्हें ज्ञान बोध हो और साथ-साथ मुझे भी आत्मसंतुष्टि प्राप्त हो। ज्ञानार्जन के साथ साथ उनके चरित्र का परिष्कार करना भी मेरे शिक्षण का लक्ष्य है। इसके लिए मैं स्वाध्याय भी करता रहता हूँ। आध्यात्मिक पुस्तकें पढ़ने में मेरी रुचि है। यदा-कदा कविता लेखन भी कर लिया करता हूँ


                                          NAME                              :           Ms JESSICA P. GOHAIN

DOB                                   :           28/01/1986

DATE OF JOINING          :           05/01/2017

QUALIFICATION             :           M.SC,B.ED,D.EL.ED,CTET, CSB

EXPERIENCE                             3.5 YEARS

HOBBIES                           :           DECOUPAGE PAINTING


ABOUT MYSELF           :           I am energetic innovative teaching professional with the ability to bring lesson to life and cultivate eager and active classroom. As a teacher I will provide proper encouragement to each and every students to unfold their hidden potentials.


IMG-20200820-WA0038 (1).jpgNAME                          : MRS PINKY DEB

DOB                             :1/2/1981

DOJ                              :13/8/2007


EXPERIENCE                :16 YRS


I like listening  music ,watching motivational videos, watching short documentaries on village life, nature and wild life .I opted to be a teacher because I love to give knowledge to my students .Its a great feeling when you teach someone and that person succeed in their life, its a proud moment for you. The  good  qualities which I would like my students to inculcate within them are sacrifice, love and respect for everyone, discipline , co-operation , kindness and honesty. A teacher is a role-model, life-coach, advisor, care-giver, support-system, mentor and friend. A teacher is  the guider in student’s  life that guide the student in every aspects of life. The relation between student and teacher plays a large role in the trajectory of a child’s academic success and social development. Establishing a positive relationship with their teacher helps a student feel more comfortable and safe in their classroom environments.



Name                                    : Mr Parag Chetia

Date of birth                          : 15th Feb 1987

Date of joining                       : 1 April 2015

Educational qualification         : B.Sc, B.Ed, CTET(1,2), CSB

Teaching Experience              : 5 yrs

Self introduction :

I am a fun loving person and believe to live life to the fullest. I believe in the statement
“ My past is important to learn from. My future is important to work towards. But I live
in the present and stop worrying.”

   I like gardening and travelling because both helps me to remain close to the nature. Whenever I get a chance I also like to play T.T. as it helps to sharpen my brain and to improve my reflexes.

   Being in the teaching profession, I find myself to be the luckiest person. It allows me to spend most of my time with the young and inspiring minds and to be a lifelong learner as I always loved to do. Teaching allows me to share my knowledge with them and help them improve their potential. It gives me a feeling of completeness in life.

   I would like to advise my students to be honest and sincere in their work. To remain positive and solve their problems patiently. Always help others. They all are gifts to this world
and its their responsibility to give back something to this world.